Who We Are

Inspired by Aquaponics, Wind River Produce owner Carl Hopple was driven to build a system that integrated fish raising with growing produce.

Our Team

Carl Hopple
Carl HoppleChief Visionary Officer
Carl Hopple loves to build. With over twenty years in construction and real estate development, his career took an unexpected turn when he discovered the growing potential of aquaponics. With the demand for high quality, organic and GMO free produce, Carl turned his attention to building a team of local and global experts to construct Wind River Produce. He and his team of pioneers are bringing the pure food revolution to a new level as they forge the way for this emerging green industry to take root and grow.
Aaron Imhof
Aaron ImhofAquaponics Master Builder
Aaron began his journey in learning how to build aquaponic systems in 2012. Since then, he has mentored with some of the top builders and teachers globally. With a passion for building and learning, Aaron continuously is expanding his knowledge of how to design and construct aquaponic systems and farms to support this revolutionary growing movement. In addition to working on developing and building the Wind River Produce farms, his work also takes him on international humanitarian endeavors where he builds aquaponic farms to support vulnerable women and children.
Jennifer McMillan
Jennifer McMillanGreenhouse Manager
With a background in administration and a passion for gardening, Jennifer Mcmillian was a perfect fit to manage the day to day operations of this new company. Jennifer is bringing her organization and people management skills to the forefront of this emerging industry. Her enthusiasm, along with her knowledge of planting and harvesting in traditional gardening and a myriad of additional skills skills serves as an incredible benefit to this rapidly growing company.
Kate Wildrick
Kate WildrickPublic Outreach & Collaboration Expert
Kate Wildrick brings over a decade of experience working within the food and hospitality industries. Working in food processing, retail and the restaurant sectors, she recognizes the importance of how good, healthy food can impact the bottom line for business and health. As a natural community builder, she is passionate about collaboration, outreach and innovation. She has a strong understanding of what it takes to grow a robust, local food system that brings benefit to all. Kate’s whole system approach is a natural compliment to the Wind River Produce team, as she sees how people, business and industry can play a role in the pure food revolution.

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